Welcome to Smoky Mountain Mansion!

The beautiful Smoky Mountain Mansion…the perfect venue for your North Carolina wedding, ceremony, reception, bed and breakfast getaway, or vacation rental. Please see Rates page for new individual room rates!

The Mansion provides complete wedding packages, and welcomes family vacations, reunions, retreats, motorcycle and car clubs, and gatherings of friends and family. Featured in “100 Best US Wedding Destinations.”

Spacious 6 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath retreat sleeps up to 18-20 overnight guests. Amenities include the Smoky Mountain Mansion Wedding Chapel, outdoor wedding sites, a formal garden, wedding planning services, and catering for rehearsal dinners, receptions, and parties.

Three bedrooms feature king size beds; three bedrooms feature two queen size beds in each room. The living room with its large fireplace, dining room, breakfast room, and kitchen are all generously sized, and are perfect for small to larger crowds of guests. A dining pavilion for parties and events is only steps from the Mansion, as is the Smoky Mountain Mansion Wedding Chapel. Kids of all ages enjoy “camping out” in the finished basement, complete with a pool table and ping pong table.

We are delighted that Marsha Cody, formerly of the Tapoco Lodge, is the Events Coordinator & Innkeeper at the Smoky Mountain Mansion. Welcome, Marsha!

25th Anniversary Special
Smoky Mountain Mansion owners, Ellery and Beverly, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in 2011. In celebration of their love and commitment, couples who hold their wedding at the Smoky Mountain Mansion in 2011 will receive a complimentary Wedding Cake!

The Mansion is located only two miles from Lake Santeetlah, the “Gem of the Smokies”, whose shoreline is 85% national forest. Pontoon boat and fishing boat rentals are available; the view from the water is spectacular. The scenery and natural beauty are unspoiled by crowds – you truly need to see it for yourself. The location in the secluded Smoky Mountains just outside Robbinsville, North Carolina, makes the Smoky Mountain Mansion the ideal NC mountain getaway, yet we are only 1 1/2 hours from Asheville, NC, 1 1/2 hours from Knoxville, TN, 2 1/2 hours from Atlanta, GA, and just under 4 hours from Charlotte, NC.

Two famous motorcyle and sportscar roads in America are located just a few minutes from the Mansion – the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap, twisting and turning 318 curves in 11 miles, and the 50 mile Cherohala Skyway, with breathtaking views of Joyce Kilmer National Park and the Cherokee National Forest. Area attractions also include Nantahala Outdoor Center, Lake Fontana, Snowbird Backcountry, Slickrock Creek, the Cheoah River, wine tasting and tours, and the famous Smoky Mountain Railroad, just a half hour away. If and when you feel like reconnecting, wireless access is available at the Mansion.

IMG_2265If you seek hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, boating, fishing, fly-fishing, scenic drives, nature walks, photography, motorcycling, or the quintessential family vacation, you will find a full array of natural beauty, quaint shops, family restaurants, fine dining, and rich history awaiting you in western North Carolina. Please call 866-862-4220 or 828-479-4220 for driving directions. See you at the Mansion!

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Ask about our “Refer A Friend” program – 5% off daily or weekly rates to returning guests, and 10% off published rates to our returning guests when a friend books the Mansion!

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You’ll Love These Wedding Favor Ideas for Little Kids

Weddings favors are diminutive gifts, which are usually offered to guests as a heartfelt gesture for attending the ceremony or reception. At the same time, these gifts can be considered as appropriate mementos for the auspicious occasion. Wedding favors are normally distributed personally to guests by the bride and the groom. Over the recent years, they have become an integral components of most Western culture wedding plans.

As such, these gifts now come in diverse forms, but for the most part, they tend to be designed to complement the exact theme of the wedding. On the other hand, some newlyweds opt to offer wedding favors that can complement the distinctive season in which the wedding is held. You might perhaps be thinking presenting wedding favors for your wedding, which will be attended by parents of little children. Well, here are some wedding favors for parents crafted for parents of little children (including wood toys) ideas.

Classic wedding favors ideas for parents of little children

These little wooden wedding favors are a great idea.
These little wooden wedding favors are a great idea.

To begin with, you might like to offer classic wedding favors to the guests that have little children. These kinds of gifts are mostly edible, and your guest’ kids will definitely approve of them. Some of the most notable of these classic wedding favors include sugared almonds, individual chocolate pieces or even candy.  Additionally they could be little toys, like boab wood toys, which kids love and can play with while at the wedding and on the way home.

DIY wedding favors ideas for parent of little children

Alternatively, you may decide to put your creativity streak into action by crafting weddings favors for parents of little children on your own. Top on this list are, without doubt, wooden toys, which come personalized with you and your fiancé’s names, Initials or even wedding date. Such gifts don’t have to be elaborate or lavish, but they will have to be very attractive to the children who will receive them. Conversely, you might offer to parents of little children that attend your wedding chocolate wedding favors. You can easily make these kinds of gifts by yourself, and while at it, customize and personalize with features that point to your wedding.

Purchasing wedding favors vs. Making wedding favors

There are a couple of important factors, which can come into play when it comes to deciding whether to buy wedding favors or crafting them by yourself. This includes your given budget, the exact number of guests you have invited, the time you have at hand and even the longevity of the wedding favors you settle for. If you have an active imagination, have sufficient time at hand and a limited budget, making your own wedding favors can be the best option. On the other hand, if you have limited time at hand, and can’t be bothered to allocate some time to craft these gifts, purchasing them can be the best option.

Announcement: Improvements to Our Swimming Pools

When people book into a hotel, they expect satisfying services and class and they are ready to pay for it. The most requested commodity in hotels after foods and drinks is fun. Though not found in the hotel menu, it can be provided by hotels to ensure that the customers are satisfied and will most likely return and recommend the hotel to their friends. A swimming pool is one fun way for hotels to add to their lure and attract a large number of guests. But after a while, no matter how great the swimming pool initially was, it end up either needing repairs or updating as new technologies are developed.

The following ideas will help any hotel to take its swimming pool(s) to the next level and make it a center where families and friends can meet to have ultimate fun, and that is why we’ve implemented them here at Smoky Mountain Mansion.

  • Reduce Energy

A hotel is a business like any other and it thus aim to reduce its operating cost. One of the ways to do achieve that is by reducing the amount of energy used to pump the pool. The pool does not require to be pumped 24/7, only a few hours of pumping are enough to filter and mix the chemicals in the pool. By reducing the amount of time used to pump, the types of pipes used (shorter ones are preferable) and covering the hotel pool when it is not being used, you can reduced the pool energy consumption by up to 50%.

  • Early Repairs

If anything in the pool is broken, do not opt to wait till after the “peak season” to repair it. Neglecting to repair any damage to the pool early will only results to the damage expanding thus decreases the beauty of the pool and ultimately repealing your guests.

  • Salt Water Pools

The new phenomenon in the swimming pool industry is the replacing of chlorine pools with salt water pools. The salt water pools are less irritating to swimmers making them the preferred choice for swimming. They will make your guests swimming experience memorable and worth a repeat ensuring they come back to the hotel again.

  • New Stylish Fencing

We’ve decided to add some very stylish swimming pool fencing made out of glass to our outdoor swimming pool.  You can see this in the included images.  We think this adds some great style and flare while also providing practical benefit of keeping children and pets out of the pool area.

A swimming pool in a hotel is not a requirement for it to operate. But it is necessary for it to stay in business and attract more guests. It is therefore of significance that you improve your swimming pools and make it a haven that swimmers will always look forward to come back to for more fun.

New stylish glass pool fencing.
New stylish glass pool fencing.  We love it, we hope you will too!


The Smoky Mountains – A Breathtaking Spectacle for Camping Enthusiasts

Without doubt, the Smoky Mountains have a surpassing spectacular appeal that attracts hordes of avid campers, particularly in summertime. The majesty of the rushing mountain streams and the vast sweep of the sedimentary rocks make this age-old site truly exceptional. Nature lovers are always streaming into the various campsites at the foot of the mountains to witness the amazing layers of sedimentary rocks, vegetation, birds and animals. The mountains have 16 peaks that rise to different heights with some of them reaching 5,000 feet.

Savoring the Vast Greenery of Mountain Forests

The smoky mountains are some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Southern United States.
The smoky mountains are some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Southern United States.

One of the distinguishing features of these mountains is the hardwood forests that stretch to the horizon. The forest is biologically diverse and features various flowering and non-flowering plants. The lower mountain slopes, the stream valleys and the coves are known for their cove hardwood forests. The higher mountain slopes are mainly covered with the northern hardwood forests.   When traveling be sure to bring a tent for the family, as these mountain forests make great places to camp for the night.The highest elevations of the forest feature boreal forests.

Birds and Animals of the Smoky Forests

The stunning tranquility of the various forests is teaming different species of animals including the white-tailed deer, black bear, turkeys, elk, raccoons and woodchucks. The mountain is also famous for its various birds that include red-eyed vireo, wild turkey, ruby-throated hummingbird, wood thrush and northern parula. The presence and population of the birds may vary across the seasons because of their migratory patterns.

Boulders and Creeks

Both at close range and from a distance, the vast spread of the mountain offers a great photogenic attraction, particularly for those with a passion for landscape photography. The massive sedimentary boulders cast an imposing spectacle that blends well with the serenity of the vegetation to complete the overall picture of nature’s beauty. Besides, the different parts of the mountains have silent creeks that flow undisturbed within the hardwood canopies that line along the swathes of land at the foot of the forest.

The Summits of Smoky Mountains

If you are camping at any foot of these mountains, you are bound to get a vantage view of the various summits that surround the area. Their varying elevations foster a conspicuous visual impression of rolling hills, which many campers find particularly impressive. Some of the summits such as Clingmans Dome and Ben Parton are ideal sites for extensive outdoor excursions and hiking. Various summits are covered with unique floral allure that enhances their aesthetic effect. Overall, the magnetic attraction of the Great Smoky Mountains makes them suitable for memorable summertime adventure.

How We Used A Tree Service to Help Design the Grounds

There are many wonderful things about the Smoky Mountain mansion, especially things on the inside (such as our lush accommodations and competitive prices, hint hint), but some of the best experiences come from being directly in the outdoors.  We are talking about the wonderful sites and scenery of the surrounding woods and forest.


We’ve used these great trees to exemplify the beauty around our facility.  As you can see from the pictures in our Gallery, we’ve taken great care to sculpt and craft the surrounding areas to present a well trimmed design.  Many thanks to our local tree service in North Carolina as well as consulting from a tree service in Denver for holding our hand through the long and arguous process of designing, trimming and removing trees.  It was really a difficult time for all of us (we love trees and hate to see them get chopped down), but we got through it!

Granted the environment around us is almost an embarrassment of riches when it comes to “arboreal features” (the mountainous regions around us are full of it), but sometimes “less is more”.  We wanted to prune back (literally and figuratively) some of the features of our property and present a neat a tidy setting to our guests.

So take a look at some of the photos and let us know how we did!  Was it an amazing job or did we overthink it?  We are going to leave the comment section open on this one and check in from time to time.  We also try to ask our guests about it as well, and they are always complementary.  We are hoping maybe the anonymity of the Internet will make sure no one is just being polite! (Although I’m sure we are great just the same.)

Thanks y’all!